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About Us

Harbor Wealth Management, Inc. (HWM), a Professional Investment Advisory firm, was created with a shared vision of its founders, Jeff Burandt and Jim Stewart. Members of our management team boast a unique institutional and flat-fee investment background possessing more than fifty years of combined financial and investment experience.

Our fiduciary promise means that there are no commissions, sales quotas or third party conflicts to compromise performing in your best interest.

Holding the highly rigorous designations of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), our fiduciary promise means that there are no commissions, sales quotas or third party conflicts to compromise performing in your best interest. This firm is not a CPA firm.

Our Background and Clients

Harbor Wealth Management, Inc. (HWM) specializes in managing liquid assets for business owners, professionals, affluent investors, and retirees. Such investors require not only timely investment services, but also need access to other areas of expertise due to the complexities derived from cash flow needs while protecting their wealth promulgated from the burdens of higher taxes, increased regulation and health care mandates.

HWM provides both the broad expertise and a unique investment approach that seeks consistent results without taking undue risks. Minimum account size is $100,000.

While each of our clients has unique investment goals, there is one common overriding emphasis with all of our investors: “Protect the wealth I have worked so hard to accumulate.”

Meet our Management


Jeff Burandt

Chief Executive Officer-CPA, CFP®

Mr. Burandt has been a leader in the financial services profession for more than twenty years and is a founding Principal, Shareholder and President of Harbor Wealth Management, Inc. (HWM), a professional investment advisory firm. As President of HWM, Mr. Burandt is responsible for formulating, monitoring, and supervising the investment advisory services provided to HWM clients.

Jim Stewart

Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Stewart has been in the financial services profession for more than seventeen years and is a founding Principal, Shareholder and Chief Investment Officer of Harbor Wealth Management Inc. (HWM). As Chief Investment Officer of HWM, Mr. Stewart leads HWM’s investment committee whose responsibilities include securities identification, analysis and selection, portfolio design and implementation, performance tracking, and ongoing monitoring of client investment portfolios.


Our Process

Change happens – and it regularly happens to markets, economies and politics. That’s why now, more than ever, investors must be able to readily adjust their investments to change with the markets. HWM maintains an active and disciplined investment process that rapidly identifies what and when to sell and conversely, the same process identifies what and when to buy. This is why when market circumstances change, our investing process timely adjusts portfolio investments in order to seek consistent growth and to protect.

We continuously analyze global markets to identify prevailing market trends in order to target investment opportunities. As such, client portfolios may be invested globally among forty different markets and indexes and stretching across all seven continents. In order to gain exposure to these new market betas that often offer improved risk-adjusted returns, we may utilize exchange traded funds as their advantages not only include the flexibility to invest in an entire range of global assets but also the ability to benefit from timely intraday price fluctuations. We believe that combining these additional investments has considerable advantages in today’s uncertain world and is key to optimizing risk-adjusted returns.

Change Happens – so must your investments

The Difference

We know that simple “buy, hold & hope” allocation decisions are no longer responsive enough to the dynamic changes in global risk as sovereign debt concerns, financial upheaval, supply disruptions, and geopolitical unrest can readily cause stock and bond valuations to swing wildly. This is why our hallmark is our focus on deploying adroit rebalancing of portfolio assets when market circumstances change. As such, this requires intensive preparation by being positioned to cushion downside risk while standing ready to promptly reallocate portfolio investments to garner gains as opportunities arise.

Harbor Wealth maintains a disciplined investment process designed to build wealth, control portfolio risk and mitigate loss.

Markets, economies and politics change – So must your investments

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