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Privacy Online

Harbor Wealth considers privacy, security and service to be just as critical in the online environment as in the rest of our operation. We therefore employ all of the safeguards we provide to our clients, along with the following Internet-specific practices.

Harbor Wealth, along with its clearing firms, use a variety of proven protections to maintain the security of your online session. For example, we make extensive use of firewall barriers, encryption techniques and authentication procedures. We also use cookies and similar files that may be placed on your hard drive for security purposes, to facilitate site navigation, and to personalize the appearance of the site. When we conduct business online, we may collect technical and navigational information, such as computer browser type, internet protocol address, pages visited, and average time spent on our Website, among other pieces of information. This information may be used, for example, to alert you to software compatibility issues; or it may be analyzed to improve the Web design and its functionality.

Access to Your Information

You may access your account through a variety of media offered by Harbor Wealth and our clearing firms (ie. statements or online services). Contact your Financial Advisor if you require any additional information.

Please direct any questions you may have regarding this notice to Harbor Wealth Management Inc., attention Jeff M. Burandt, 16475 Dallas Parkway, Suite 600, Addison TX 75248, or by telephone to (972) 897-6500.